Hi guys, it’s me again Maulana Malik 😉

how’s life? i hope you’re doing great with your business 🙂

anyway, today i have a little special gift for you. It’s an offline graphics kit. An awesome graphic collection for offliners (name card, letterhead, powerpoint background, envelope, flyers).

You can use it for you or your client for FREE. Again, it’s only for my loyal customer 😉offlineenjoy today’s free gift  :

  1. Download name card module here
  2. Download Letterhead module here
  3. Download powerpoint background module here
  4. download envelope module here
  5. download flyer module here (part 1)
  6. download flyer module here (part 2)
  7. download brochure module here (part 1)
  8. download brochure module here (part 2)

if you don’t have photoshop you can use GIMP as it’s free, which you can download at http://gimp.org

and i hope this tutorials might help you (remember i don’t create this gimp tutorials but i found that i might be useful for you)

1 http://www.gimp.org/tutorials/

2. how to edit PSD file using GIMP


i hope you guys enjoy it!


Talk soon

Maulana Malik