Hey guys, how are you doing?

It’s summer here in Indonesia and its sizzling hot! Well, this is understood because my country touches the equator.

Anyway, i have a special gifts for you today, and i’m sure that you’re going to love it so much.

It’s a Power Point Template and very cool local business mascot generator. You can use this gift to your clients, and i’m very confidence that your client will love it too.

Today’s gifts are devoted by one of my friend, Reza Aprian. He is one of the most talented designer i have ever met on warrior forum. Thanks Prian for your kindness to allow me share your valuable product for FREE to my beloved customers.

you guys can get in touch with Prian here.

And you can get your direct download below :




download free mascot creator here

silverbizPreviewdownload powerpoint template here


Hope you can get some benefit by using IMBolt’s freebie, i’ll back to you soon for more gifts.

Oh, forgot to mention. I have a huge recommendation for you guys that wants to launch a WSO, my best partner, Jo Pixelcrafter has just launched a brand new tutorial on how to make a successful WSO. You can check the details here.

Talk Soon,

Maulana Malik