Good day 😉
it’s Maulana Malik here, and i really excited today because i have another valuable customer only (premium gift) for you. And YES, this is second gift of the month (for november), i’m still on the track to keep sending you at least 1 Premium Freebie Gift each month, right?

before you download you free content, let me tell you about some awesome product released this week. I just want you to know that whenever i send you recommendation about other product, i make sure that you’ll get extra benefit from it, i got A LOT of people ask me to promote their product, but when i see that the product isn’t good enough for my customer, i will never promote it. I don’t want to get benefit by sending you crap.

these are two products released this week, that i’m sure you’ll get extra benefit if you implement this to your business :

#1 Brand New Cartoon Mascot Creator Software (No Photoshop needed) – See Details Here
#2 Photoshop Master in 7 Days? See Details Here

All right,  today i have another high quality (and super huge) creative marketing graphic collection for you 🙂 I have more 10 modules with over a hundred items in total for you :
– 5 Sales Page Template
– 12 eCover Template
– 8 Landing Page Template
– 8 Pre-headline text
– Dozens of highlight text background
– Handrawn Doodles Collections
– 12 Web Ready Buttons
– 8 Warning / Attention Graphics
– 21 Complete Banner Template
– Web Ribbons

and next week, i’ll give you another 10 modules of creative website and graphics templates (that i’m still working on it now). So enjoy your premium customer only gift below :

gratisan malik



To your continued Success,
Maulana Malik