hi guys 🙂

it’s me again here to bring you another free gift (customer only). I was wondering that if you miss my (free bonus) email 😀

so here you go…


right now i have a great collection of music background.

It’s not only 1 or 2. It’s 24 Background music in a box.

You can use it for

  • Presentation (it’s even more powerful with our brand new Presentation Bolt Vol. 2)
  • Promo videos
  • Podcast
  • Youtube Video
  • Video Commercial
  • Webinar
  • Mobile Apps
  • and a lot more …

the great part is you may also re-sell it if you wish 😉

and it’s FREE a.k.a NO COST for my customer 😀


i hope you guys enjoyed it!

All the best

Maulana Malik

P.S : do you know people charge $35 for single license for 1 audio / music background (for commercial project)?

standardToday you get 24 music backgrounds and you can sell it if you wish 😀