Hi Guys,

It’s Maulana Malik here and i’m back with another “customer only” freebie.

Have you ever heard about flat UI design?

if not, i will tell you something. As a graphic designer and web developer,
i personally love FLAT design very much! because it can increases my conversion rate up to 350%

What exactly is “flat design?”

For those of you who haven’t heard of the term, “flat design” is mainly the term given to the style of design in which elements lose any type of stylistic characters that make them appear as though they lift off the page.

in a short word flat design bring the ‘simplicity’ feel, professional looks, less hype and the most important thing : it’s customer friendly. An Ultra Big Company is also using flat design nowadays, let’s say windows, apple, and many other company already using flat design 😉

And today’s Freebie is : FLAT design Marketing Kit!

I create a quick shoutout about why flat design works for you

flat*click to see larger preview*

And here is what you’ll get from this month freebie gift :

1Wanna create awesome marketing videos using this mascots? download the software here


Wait There is more!

My friend, Agus Sakti (He is a Designer too, you can contact him here) want’s to share his new powerpoint template to you. For FREE (no opt-in needed)

here is the template looks like :


i hope you guys enjoy it!


From your friend,
Maulana Malik

P.S : last but not least, happy ramadhan to all of you who celebrate!