Hi guys!

it’s Maulana Malik here again to bring you another FREE bonus / gift (you name it!)
to my beloved customer (read : you)

as you already know,
video marketing is getting popular nowadays.

I’ve been working as graphics, website, and video designer for years,
and i know that video is the best way to increase conversion and sales.

I found that video can increase conversion for about 150%!
it sound crazy but it’s true.

video makes your customer more comfortable, it’s simply engaging.
People are most likely loves to watch instead of reading a long and boring sales letter.

today [customer only] freebie gift is :

what is explainer video?

An explainer video is usually a 1-2 minute video used to introduce a new product or company,
and it should answer a few fundamental questions.
It explains what problem the product is trying to solve,
and why the viewer should want to use this.

the problem with explainer video is :
it’s hard to create explainer video,
and most video software are expensive and hard to use (Adobe After Effect, etc)

you can forget all the headache, because today i’m giving away
a super effective animated explainer video, that is created using POWERPOINT

you heard it right, check out the sample below and i bet you won’t believe that
this engaging video was created using powerpoint 🙂

you’ll get all assets (.PSD, .PNG, backgrounds graphics, and background music)

>>you can download it here <<
>> download tutorial <<

love it?

another good news!
We are going to launch our new product on Sunday, November 9 at 09.00 A.M EST,
it’s called PowerAnimate


PowerAnimate is a brand new unique product contains of a great collection of power point template
that allow you to crate animation video for their product, easy and fast!
forget about using expensive software or any hard to use Adobe Ilustrator Templates.
People won’t believe that this amazing animation video are created use nothing but powerpoint.

Check out some video sample created using power animate below :

Make sure you mark your calendar (Sunday, November 9, at 09.00 a.m EST)
because we’ll give you a special early bird discount price
and it’s only valid for 3 hours only 🙂

so stay tunned for my email 🙂

talk soon
Maulana Malik