Hi guys,
it’s Maulana Malik again here back with another freebie gift.
As you already know,
i’m a huge fan of wordpress!

so, today i wanna give you a simple yet so amazing wordpress plugin that help you create high converting leadpages in few minutes.
Now listen, when i say “high converting” you can expect a super quailty of landing page that will bring you more leads and prospects.

i can easily charge you or sell this amazing wordpress plugin, but i decide to give away this plugin as [customer only] content for October.

almost forgot to mention, it’s also responsive, so you can get your leadpage viewed better in both desktop and mobile :


You’ll get 11 awesome backgrounds, or you can easily add your own

bgs addons styles

all of this for absolutely FREE a.k.a NO COST for my beloved customer 🙂 – FREE developer license included, so you can use it for your client too –


right now, our wordpress team also working for another unique wordpress theme that you can use for you or your client project 🙂
In other side, we are also working for another graphic freebie, so stay tunned to get more awesome customer only content.

ANYWAY, If you want to get custom graphics / website done in professional way, you can hire us today at very affordable price!
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to your continued success,
Maulana Malik